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One of the most important keys to successful, sustainable business is to nurture mutually beneficial relationships with individuals and organisations. We are committed to developing such relationships and to recognising their value. Please read and consider the following information and if you would like to discuss how you or your organisation might benefit from them, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We pay a generous commission to any individual or organisation who introduces successful contacts to us. Some of our clients have received sufficient referral commission from us that the net effect is that they have essentially recouped all and more of their annual payroll processing fee!

There are many ways in which we can work with you to our mutual benefit whether through large campaigns, one off introductions or on-going complimentary marketing. Paye Solutions Ltd bears most or, more often, all of the costs of these arrangements, so whether you are one of our clients, the CEO of a large national company, a student, a sales rep. looking to boost your income or a web surfer who happened upon this page by chance, why not contact us for more details?