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Paye Solutions Ltd is totally unique in that it is the only payroll bureau that has a flexible approach to fee structure. Our experience has proved that no two payrolls are ever the same. Two organisations with the same number of employees and the same pay frequency can vary enormously in respect of the complexities associated with their payroll preparation. One could take only a few minutes of preparation and administration each week while the other could demand substantially more time. Where other bureaux would charge the same fee for each payroll we try to reflect the difference in our charges. The fee incurred by the more straightforward payroll would, with us, be less than that for the more complicated one. However, no matter how straightforward or complicated your payroll is, you can be assured of paying one of the most (if not the most!) competitive rates in the industry.

Fee Guide for smaller employers

The following information provides guidelines on the most a smaller employer could expect to pay, per pay period, for a full payroll management service.


Simple Payroll

No autopay/no pension administration/ standard turnover of staff etc 

No. Employees
Weekly Pay Fortnightly Pay Monthly Pay
1-10 £15.00 per week £19.00 per fortnight £30.00 per month
11-50 +£1.30 per payslip per week  £1.30 per payslip per fortnight + £1.30 per payslip per month

Setup fee £2 per employee (min £50)

Year end processing fee £2 per employee (min £35)

Larger Employers

Payrolls of 50+ employees are costed on their own merits depending on ease/complexity of preparation. We are happy to discuss your requirements and involve you in the preparation of your fee schedule. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service at a competitive, cost effective rate.

Further details available on request

No Obligation Quotes

If you would like more accurate details of the costs that would be involved in the preparation of your payroll then please contact us by post, fax, telephone or e-mail with as much information as possible and we will be happy to provide you with a no obligation quote