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Which organisations can benefit from our Services?

If you employ staff, you probably couldn't manage without them. You could, no doubt, quite happily manage without the time consuming and increasingly complex responsibility of administering a PAYE system.

Most employers would agree; payroll is an unavoidable and inconvenient burden, but it doesn't have to be your burden.

Paye solutions will relieve you of the work and complexities associated with payroll preparation and PAYE compliance. We offer an efficient professional service at a cost lower than you may have imagined.

Fully Managed Service

Simply provide us, each pay period, with the details of your employees’ gross pay elements and let us do the rest. We will calculate the net pay details allowing for;

- Tax and National Insurance
- Tax Credits, Student loan deductions
- Pension contributions
- Attachment of earning
- Any other allowances/deductions

We then provide you with;

- Payslips, P45’s etc
- Management and accounting reports
- Journal schedules if required
- P32 summary or we can arrange payment to Inland Revenue for you
- Any other material necessary for the preparation and submission of your payroll year end including P60’s for employee’s

In addition you can use us as an advisory service for payroll and employment related matters. Our substantial investment in both paper and on-line resources enables us to access up to the minute legislative information. So if we don’t know the answer we will find it for you

Peace of mind

Using Paye Solutions means that you are sure of receiving;

Cost Savings

No need to invest the time or resources on stationery, software/hardware purchase and maintenance, training etc. associated with in-house payroll departments.

Efficient Service

We guarantee to process your payroll within the prearranged deadlines

Personal Service

If you have any concerns or queries simply contact us, we are here to help (and we promise never to install an automated call routing telephone service)


Our flexible approach to fees allows us to tailor a payment structure for you taking into consideration; no. employees, nature of business, seasonality etc


Our sophisticated software enables us to customise reports to give you the management information you need

Full agency

We advise you to allow us to become your agents for Inland Revenue purposes so we can receive and process all your PAYE correspondence and administration for you


All our clients’ information is treated as highly confidential. We are registered with the Data Protection Act and take information security very seriously

With over twenty years PAYE experience you can rest assured that your payroll is being managed professionally and efficiently, giving you the time and freedom to concentrate on running your business.